Puiston Kaffetupa is a place you can come to as yourself, where you get individual and fast customer service and of course delicious pastries and other goodies, both sweet and salty.

Kaffetupa, as its name suggests, is located near the beautiful Itäpuisto, in the center of Pori. Old and rustic furniture tell their own tale and bring timelessness and hominess into the cafe.

We want to give you a wonderful and delicious experience in our clean and old cafe. We offer you only the best organic coffee – and doughnuts, cakes, pies and waffles that we make ourself every day.

Children are also welcome to eat and drink at our place, afterwards they can play at our lovely little play area. Dogs are also welcome at our terrace during the summer days.

So come chat with us over a nice, hot cup of coffee at the Puiston Kaffetupa.

A warm welcome to everyone from the cafe owner, Niina.